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Some great performances in a complicated weekend for Cool Racing
WEC- 8 Hours of Bahrain – R4

For that last 2019 meeting, Cool Racing would have preferred to end up with a top three/four result, nevertheless, the 8 hours of Bahrain being the longest race of the WEC season so far, was also the longest race of the new Swiss team in world endurance racing. The main objective was therefore to gather information and experience, especially at night, to go to the chequered flag and bring the car back without making any mistakes. These objectives were fulfilled, since Oreca #ANA42 takes the points of 7th LMP2.

The race
Nico started the race from 5th row and managed to avoid the accident between LMP1s Ginetta #5 and Rebellion #1. Before the track direction decided to send the Safety Car out, he was 4th in the general classification and 3rd LMP2. At the restart, he worked on keeping his position, but had a hard time to make the tire do their job… He lost several positions before he handed the car to Alex after a simple stint. Alex leaves with new tires and manages his stint. Lap 46 Antonin takes his turn, the car is P8. He keeps that position during his 22-lap stint having a complicated time, keeping the tires up. Nico took over after 68 laps for a double stint and did his best to make it work, but no, they definitely could find the correct set-up to take advantage of the tires. Track is declared WET, but in the end, the race stays dry all along the 8 hours and Alex takes over on Lap 115, no rain for him either. Just before the mid-race fireworks comes the first FCY after the accident of Porsche GTE Am #88 left debris on the track. Antonin – Alex – Antonin so went the following stints. Antonin finally finds the way to use his tires and show very good performances. Just before the last hour of the race started, Nico took over with a better car, and tries to make up for some places. But the car is too far down, so the team decides to keep safe. The Oreca #ANA42 received the chequered flag in 7th position.

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Ups and Downs for Cool Racing in China
WEC- 4 Hours of Shanghai, China – R3

The third round of the FIA World Endurance Championship started on high notes for the Cool Racing Team. They arrived in China with a strong determination, Alexandre Coigny and Antonin Borga knew from the start that they would need some time to discover the track that they had only tested on simulator. But thanks to Nicolas Lapierre’s great experience and strong advises, both Swiss drivers adapted quick to the new circuit.

In both Free Practice 1 & 2, ORECA #42 set the overall best LMP2 laps.

Nicolas Lapierre: „We had a great car from the beginning of the weekend. Alex and Antonin could therefore well concentrate on the track discovery which is quite tricky and technical. They managed to do short and long runs and work on their driving.“

Antonin Borga: „We are very happy to be on pole in Shanghai. We had a win so far, but this pole position confirms our ambitions and the great improvements we do in WEC. In the race, one needs to know how to keep the position and not make any mistake. This is what I managed to do during the first hour of the race. Unfortunately, an electrical problem that hindered the car to communicate with the FIA, put an early end to our race. It is truly a shame, because our car was really performing well.“

Alexandre Coigny : „I was very confident because we had a wonderful car. Nico and Antonin did a fantastic job in the qualifying session, and Antonin’s first stint was just incredible. The following is much less enthusiastic of course. It’s sad and frustrating to not have had the chance to exploit this great car because of a problem that did not hinder it to work, but that cut the telemetry contact to the race control. But that’s life, we will come back stronger in Bahrain.“

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ELMS – 4 Hours of Portimao Portugal – R6

Coming to the last race of the first full ELMS season, the Cool Racing team was determined to show that it can fight up front. And it did in the first day, during the first practice session setting the overall best lap time, as well as in the Bronze collective test session.

Having found the optimum set-up, the team was able to test new things in the following free practice 2, but it was finally not going in the right direction. After an unsatisfying qualifying session, CLARA37 was 6th LMP2 on the starting grid.

Iradj Alexander: We were a bit unlucky in the race today. Even before the big crash of the start that involved seven cars and Red flagged the race for 50 minutes, Antonin was the victim of a contact with another car that had spun in front of him and damaged the nose of our car. The second start was given under Safety Car and we hopped that it would run two laps, so we stopped for the repairs, but the Safety Car stayed for five laps, which means we ended up in the very back of the field.

Antonin did a great job in fighting back but he was too far down to make it up. Alex took over and after a misunderstanding with an LMP3 there was a contact, both cars went off, and while the P3 was able to get back on track, our car was stucked in the gravel. We had to wait for the marshals to recover the car and we lost another few laps. In addition the front was damaged again and had to be changed for the second time. Nico took over, tried his best to come back in the field and there were additional Safety Cars and Full Course Yellows. In the end, there was no chance to fight up front anymore.
Thus we changed our strategy and put Alex back behind the wheel. He was doing very good, had a great rhythm and we decided to keep him in the car until the end, which gave him additional driving time and practice. In fact he did his longest driving time ever in the car since the beginning of the season.

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Cool Racing discovering Japan

The 6 Hours of Fuji FIA WEC took place in Japan on the exceptional Fuji International Speedway this weekend. The second round of the World Endurance Championship was again a brand new challenge for the Swiss Cool Racing team. Besides the fact that WEC is new, they were also to discover a new racetrack and a totally new logistics organizational features.

Therefore Free Practice 1 & 2 were the time to adapt to the new surrounding, and also for Alexandre Coigny and Antonin Borga, the time to get to understand the race track. Alex, who had not been driving since his accident in Silverstone ELMS last month, was happy to share the car again with his teammates, and was thankful to be back at the wheel. Antonin, also new to WEC and to Japan was to learnt it all, while Nicolas Lapierre was the one to set the reference set-ups, taking #ANA42 to P3 and P4. During the third Practice Alex drove a long run to confirm his feelings in the car and fine-tune the set-up.

The qualifying undergone by Nico before Antonin, was disturbed by a Red Flag in the second part, hindering him to take the best out of his tires. They set an average time in 1:30.027, taking their car to 6th LMP2 place (5th row of the starting grid).

Antonin started the race with a 56-lap double stint before passing on the wheel to Alex for another 29 laps, which he ended when the rain started, meaning a strategy change. Nico took over, trying to come back to the top places, the but the rain associated to a Full Course Yellow did not help him fight as he would have liked too. After another 30 laps from Alex, Antonin took the car to bring it to the chequered flag 6th of the LMP2 field. In the end, Cool Racing is 5th after the disqualification of #38 Jota Oreca, because of an „outside neutral switch unable to disconnect the transmission“.

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New podium for Cool Racing in ELMS

Spa-Francorchamps, Septembre 22nd 2019
It was another strong weekend for Cool Racing who had to look after three cars in the Michelin Le Mans Cup as well as the #37 Oreca in ELMS. For the 5th round of the ELMS season and after Silverstone accident, Antonin Borga and Nicolas Lapierre shared the car, Alexandre Coigny not being fit enough to drive yet. Nevertheless this did not hinder him to come to support his teammates for the race today..
During the free practice sessions, the drivers had to deal with problems linked to tire temperatures, this was fixed as soon as the second free practice. Even if they had numerous Safety Car and FCY periods, they managed to find the right set-up for the car and were able to work on more or less long runs. In qualifying, Nicolas put the car in 4th position on the second row, and Antonin started a race that was going to become a fantastic event for the team.

Cool Racing takes victory at the first FIAWEC race in LMP2

Silverstone, Great Britain, September 1st 2019

After a complicated day for COOL RACING in ELMS yesterday, where the team was forced to withdraw from the race following the accident of Alexandre Coigny, the team was motivated to get back on track and do all they could for their first FIA World Endurance Championship race. And they did with a masterclass result, when Nicolas Lapierre and Antonin Borga offered LMP2 victory to their injured team mate Alexandre Coigny.
During the free practice sessions, the drivers had to deal with problems linked to tire temperatures, this was fixed as soon as the second free practice. Even if they had numerous Safety Car and FCY periods, they managed to find the right set-up for the car and were able to work on more or less long runs. In qualifying, Nicolas put the car in 4th position on the second row, and Antonin started a race that was going to become a fantastic event for the team.

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